Validating sign-up and sign-in

Now that you have integrated our Amplify code into our application, you need to test the site to see that authentication is working end-to-end.

High-Level Instructions

Return to your browser tab where you started your Wild Rydes application earlier after popping out from the Cloud9 IDE once in preview mode. This page automatically refreshes after you save any code changes so should now reflect all of your changes and be ready for testing.

Visit the /register path to sign-up as a new user, providing a valid phone number with +country_code first preceeding the number. For a US-based phone number, an example would be +14251234567. You should then see that a verification message is sent with a one-time code upon registering, which is required before you’re able to sign-in.

After signing up as a new user, sign-in with the same user at the /signin path. If the page loads a map, sign-in was successful and you have successfully integrated Cognito for app authentication.

Step-by-step instructions (expand for details)