Empty and remove S3 Bucket

  1. First, you need to empty the S3 bucket that was created by the Serverless Backend CloudFormation template.

  2. Go the AWS Management Console, click Services then select CloudFormation under Management Tools.

  3. In the CloudFormation console, click on your Wild Rydes stack name, such as WildRydesBackend.

  4. Click on the Outputs tab.

  5. Copy your bucket name to your clipboard. It is the name shown under Value for the key called WildRydesProfilePicturesBucket.

  6. Open your Cloud9 developer environment.

  7. Within the Cloud9 IDE, open up a terminal. You can do this by clicking the + icon in the lower pane and selecting New Terminal.

    Cloud9 Terminal

  8. Paste the following command and be sure to update your S3 bucket name:

    aws s3 rb s3://MY-BUCKET-NAME --force