Create Serverless API Backend

You will be creating your Serverless API built with Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Amazon DynamoDB via a CloudFormation template. Since this workshop is focused on authentication and authorization, this template will create the backend infrastructure, but not enable any security settings and the rest of the module will enable and configure such settings.

High-Level Instructions

Create a new WildRydes Serverless Backend stack by launching a CloudFormation stack based on the ServerlessBackend.yaml file in the module 2 folder. Name the stack WildRydesBackend.

This WildRydes backend CloudFormation template will provision your API Gateway deployment with Lambda functions for compute, a DynamoDB database for persistence, and an S3 bucket for photo uploads which will be used in module 3. Additionally, the necessary function invocation permissions and execution role for the Lambda function will also be provisioned.

Click on the link for the region you have chosen:

Launch Serverless API backend in us-east-1: Launch Module in us-east-1

Launch Serverless API backend in us-east-2: Launch Module in us-east-2

Launch Serverless API backend in us-west-2: Launch Module in us-west-2

Launch Serverless API backend in eu-west-1: Launch Module in eu-west-1

Launch Serverless API backend in ap-southeast-1: Launch Module in ap-southeast-1

Step-by-step instructions (expand for details)