Integrating app with Cognito

Now that you’ve created and configured your Cognito User Pool and Identity Pool, you need to configure your application to integrate to Amazon Cognito so it can store user profiles and enable sign-up and sign-in.

High-Level Instructions

You will import the AWS Amplify JavaScript library into the project then add sign-up and sign-in utility classes to integrate with our existing UI and front-end components.

You’ll need to complete the implementation of the onSubmitForm and onSubmitVerification methods within the /website/src/auth/SignIn.js file, as well as the methods of the same name within the /website/src/auth/SignUp.js file. Finally, you’ll need to complete the implementation of a method to check whether the user is authenticated within the /website/src/index.js page.

Step-by-step instructions (expand for details)